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Go inside a stone, That would be my way!
At Heyrumbh, we inspire ourselves and borrow from the tremendous bounties and gifts from Mother Nature to create sumptuous and lavish natural surfaces that brighten up the various spaces that we inhabit- be it our homes, offices or places of public interest.

Heyrumbh International are the processors, suppliers, import distributors and project suppliers of natural stone, with a marked presence throughout the global market.

Based in India,Heyrumbh spans itself vertically across all segments of stone industry that includes quarrying, cutting and processing stones importing and exporting finished products across the world. Heyrumbh caters to all segments of the stone trade- wholesale dealers, exporters, importers, project managers, architects, engineers and the retail end user- the housewife, with equal deftness and precision.

As we continually invest in our company through technology, designs and manufacturing changes with time - we go to great lengths to articulate the versatility of our stone slabs, tiles and mosaics.

" The Breath becomes a stone, the stone, a plant, the plant
an animal, the animal, a man, the man, a spirit, and the spirit, a god. "


The stone varieties offered at Heyrumbh are virtually
indistinguishable from natural formations!
Why? The simple answer is quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.Innovation
and creativity in creating natural finishes in stone through the latest and best in
technological intervention drives us to excellence in our vast range of products.

In our pursuit to be in the vanguard of ever-changing product demands
internationally, we innovate with the latest technology and maintain superior
craftsmanship and consistently deliver an aesthetic that is tailored to each
individual client's vision and specifications.

Some of our important possessions include:

  • 16 multi wire Pedrini Cutting Machine (we are the first in India to cut these huge
    boulders with such precision)
  • Pedrini Polishing Line Machine
  • Pedrini s Resin Line
  • Indigenous gang saws and cutters and hand polishing lines


Performance is at the heart of our work culture. We love the future. It's a place of infinite possibility - the place that we work hopefully towards in our products, innovation and technological expertise. But, while we're always working towards our future targets, sometimes it's good to look back. Our achievements show how we deliver on our promises.

What makes Heyrumbh unique:

  • Installed a multi wire machine to cut natural stone in India at their Udaipur plant.
  • Excavating and introducing therarestand newest of natural stone to industry.
  • Execute a turnkey project in various countries.
  • Cater to all the natural stone requirements to one of the biggest sizes of projects.
  • Promote the 'Do- It- Yourself' concept for retail customers thathelp them design and make
    their own houses.
  • Doing restoration of many old buildings across the globe.
  • Specialized for bringing the most creative requirement of from the world known architects and
    designer to reality.
  • Catered to few of the most known projects of Temples, churches and mosques.
Honors  ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Certificate of factory Productino Control  


We'd go to anywhere, in search of the perfect product, person or project. And not surprisingly, perfect people somehow find us!
A lively workplace, a creative environment and a motivated workforce are the characteristics at Heyrumbh. It is always a pleasure to welcome new members and friend in the family. All relations between the employees are based on fairness, openness and mutual respect, as with the customers.

High standards of professional ethics, personal decorum, adherence to deadlines, compliance to standards and customer service are indispensable attributes. Also, a great significance is attached to Accountability, Integrity, Commitment, Initiative and Positive Attitude.


Our Projects are the living testaments of our skill and acumen. They demonstrate our professionalism and clients' confidence in us. Be it the churches, temples, hotels or malls, we have created stone wonders and the best experience throughout the building. We do everything we can to ensure that you receive the best of service and an outstanding finished product that adds a lifetime of elegance to your living spaces.
  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
    Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

  • Jain Temple, Antwerp Jain Temple,
  • Club Montebello, Mexico Club Montebello,
  • Club Montebello, Mexico Club Montebello,


From the quarry to the home, We take utmost care of your stone!

Our services are perfected to the last core of professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our
products are well complemented and supplemented with services that include quality inspection,
handcrafted excellence, international technologies and best logistic support.

  • A dedicated project manager sees each and every project through from start to finish.
  • A well staffed team of craftsmen, hand workers, technical personnel, engineers and project
    managers are our biggest assets, ensuring complete peace of mind.
  • Highest level of quality inspection, polishing surfaces and packaging for each product is maintained
    so that each stone reaches you in its perfectly natural state.
  • Heyrumbh's vast network with Shipping and transport companies on land, sea and across
    continents, provides you with the best logistic support at the best rates.
  • Order Process
    Order Process
  • Hand skills and master craftsmanship is a great advantage at Heyrumbh, as is
    its technological innovation. The latest machines go hand in hand with the finest carvings and chisels on natural stone
  • With the 'Do-it-yourself' (DIY) concept, we provide our retail customers the democratic option of designing and decorating their homes and offices.


When you build with the warmth of natural stone, you build for the eternities!

When we create any product at Heyrumbh, we...

  • Celebrate the skilled and creative use of natural stones;
  • reserve and perpetuate the time-honored craft of stonework;
  • Explore and expand the potential for varied applications of stones in contemporary structures

We know that a philosophy can provide only a beginning. Our products must be and are grounded firmly in the realities of the market. Our products are original and create real price value for our customers.

Why do we exist?

Perhaps, because going natural is the one and only way towards a sustainable and peaceful
living. At the core of our businesses, we believe that design and innovation can vitalize
and transform every aspect of spaces that we inhabit. This is the attitude we bring
to every product, brand and service that we are involved in.

Leaving no stone unturned…

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